Sooke Minor Hockey Players Collect Donations for Tyson Giuriato Hockey Camp Scholarship

Five Sooke minor hockey players have made a contribution to the Tyson Giuriato Hockey Camp Scholarship after collecting donations instead of gifts for their birthdays.

On June 24, 2023 10 year olds Cameron, Hayes, Liam, Roland, and Tyson’s nephew Colton, eleven, hosted a ball hockey bonanza to celebrate their birthdays. Rather than asking the roughly 40 people in attendance for gifts, many of which were teammates of the boys during the 2022/23 season, they collected donations on behalf of the Tyson Giuriato Hockey Camp Scholarship.


“Those five boys, their birthdays are around the same time so we decided to throw a joint birthday party,” said one of the boys’ mom. “We have a new sport-box that opened last year in town so we invited the rest of the team and some other friends for a ball hockey bonanza. Rather than accepting gifts, the 5 boys collected donations. They wanted to chose something hockey related to donate to as that is a passion they share.  Together they chose the Tyson Giuriato Hockey Camp Scholarship to support more players thriving in the game they love.”


Tyson Giuriato was the Director of Media and Communications for the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL), before he passed away in August 2020. To honour Tyson’s passion and contributions to the game of hockey, his family and the CSSHL community offer families the ability to have their child attend a summer hockey camp of their choice across Canada.