CSSHL Recruiting

Understanding what is and isn’t allowed with regards to actively recruiting athletes can be very confusing.  The information below has been put together to educate families on recruiting timelines and inform people on what is and isn’t permitted with regards to in-season and post-season recruiting.

My daughter/son is currently enrolled in a Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) member program and they would like to return to the same program.  When can we communicate with our current program and when can they speak with us?

Families that are enrolled in a CSSHL member program can speak to that member about spots for next season and vice versa at any time.  Signed agreements for the following season can also be completed whenever both parties would like.  

As tampering can’t take place within your current program the information below only applies if you are looking to join a new program or team next season.

I would like my daughter/son to play in the CSSHL but they haven’t been contacted by a program.  Why is that?

Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) member programs are Hockey Canada Members like all Minor Hockey Associations (MHA) and Hockey Canada registered teams.  All Hockey Canada Members are governed by Hockey Canada’s Regulation P. Tampering Policy (page 153) with regards to in-season recruiting and under that policy active recruiting can’t take place until your daughter/son’s team has been eliminated from playoffs.  

Some Hockey Canada Members (Hockey Alberta, Hockey Quebec, etc.) may also have stronger rules with regards to recruiting timelines and you should seek clarification from your current governing body if you aren’t sure what those rules are.  

When can I contact a program to receive information about their program?

Parents can contact a program anytime, including during the season, if they would like information on a program.  Details around specific teams or spots for your daughter/son can’t be discussed until their season is completed and their team has been eliminated from playoffs.

How can we speak to a program about specific spots during the season?

You will require written permission from your current team or MHA to speak to another team or program about specific spots during the season.

My daughter/son skates with a program that isn’t a part of Hockey Canada or plays in another country. What are the rules for them?

If your daughter/son don’t play under the Hockey Canada umbrella the tampering policy doesn’t apply and they can be actively recruited during the hockey season.  As such spots can be offered and you can commit to a program at any point.

Can parents or students currently in a program offer spots to my daughter/son in a program?

No, this is a direct violation of Hockey Canada’s Tampering Policy.  This includes mentioning that spots are even available.

Can our daughter/son do a site visit and skate or train with a program during the season?

Site visits, skating and off-ice training can happen during the season if you receive written permission from your current team or MHA to do so.

No permission is needed after your daughter/son’s team has been eliminated from playoffs, unless your provincial hockey governing body has rules against it.

When are evaluation camps held and who is in the CSSHL?

Evaluation camps are typically held April through June and you can view all CSSHL member evaluation camps by clicking here

You can view all CSSHL member programs and their contact information by clicking here.

Our daughter/son has been offered a position in a program but we would like to look at other opportunities.  What do we do?

Don’t sign any letters of intent or contracts, as they are legally binding, until you are sure that a particular program is the right one for your daughter/son as there will be financial implications.

We encourage families to speak with more than one program, during the recruiting season, to educate themselves on program differences to make sure they are making the best choice for their family.  

Once athletes are rostered to a team they can’t be actively recruited for the upcoming season by another team, CSSHL program or MHA as this is a violation of Hockey Canada’s Tampering Policy.

We have committed to a team or program already and have been contacted by another team or program.  What do we do?

Inform the program contacting you that you have already committed to a different program.  

The program contacting you will be required to cease communicating with you immediately or they are in violation of Hockey Canada’s Tampering Policy.

I still have questions on what is and isn’t allowed under Hockey Canada’s Tampering Policy.  What should I do?

Any questions regarding what is and is not allowed, with regards to tampering, should be directed to the Hockey Canada Governing Member in your area.

Any CSSHL specific questions can be directed to info@csshl.ca .