CSSHL Scholarship Application Guidelines

The Canadian Sport School Hockey League’s (CSSHL) Mission Statement is “To be National Leaders in Education-Based Hockey” and its goal is to create complete student athlete that focus on Academic Excellence, Character, Citizenship and Sportsmanship all while developing their hockey skills.

The CSSHL would like to recognize student athletes who develop their life skills while concentrating on their hockey development.  Scholarships will be awarded based on the qualifications below.


Scholarships are open to all current/former male/female student athletes of the CSSHL that are currently in their graduating year of high school or up to 20 years old.


All applications should include the following information:

  • Applicant name, address and contact information
  • Education
    • Academic transcripts and achievements from Grades 10-12
    • Career aspirations and what you plan on studying during post-secondary school
    • Post-secondary schools accepted into (provide copies of acceptance letters) and/or have applied for
    • Listing of other scholarships received and the amounts awarded
  • Citizenship and Character
    • Community or school events that you participated in or volunteered for
    • Any achievements (academic, citizenship and sports)
  • Hockey
    • Listing of teams played for from Grades 8-12
    • Future hockey plans
    • Did you officiate? If yes list the years that you officiated
  • References
    • Letters of reference from any references you feel the committee might be interested in hearing from

Submission Dates

All interested student athletes can submit their applications from March 1 to April 30.  Applications should include the information under Qualifications and any other supporting documentation that the applicants feel are relevant.  All applications should be sent to info@csshl.ca .


A selection committee from the CSSHL will review all applications and the successful applicant(s) will be notified before June 1 of any given year.

Scholarship Information

Successful applicants will receive their scholarship after proof that they are attending a post-secondary institution, of their choice, has been received.  Successful applicants may defer their scholarship for one academic year by submitting an explanation in writing.

Past Winners
2022/23: Julia Bilous, Logan Joslin, Ryan Leeming, Jaylyn Morris
2021/22: Damon Byers, Janaya Laqua, Brendan Olson, Susanna Pilchak 
2019/20: Nathan Hannon, Kayla Hanson, Cassidy Stasiuk, Brendan Wang
2018/19: Meadow Carman, Carson McConnell, Sydney Neustaeter, Carl Swanson