CSSHL Partners with HONE

The Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) is proud to have partnered with HONE Athletics for the remainder of the 2021/22 season.

HONE Athletics is a Canadian company on a mission to improve mental health in sport. CSSHL has contracted with HONE to use their digital platform to support coaches and organizations in keeping a pulse on the well-being of their teams.

“The CSSHL and its members understand the need and benefits for athletes to recognize the importance of mental health at a young age. This platform will educate our coaches on how to deal with situations depending on the survey results, and we expect to see positive results moving forward,” said CSSHL Chief Operating Officer Kevin Goodwin.

The HONE Athletics platform sends a weekly, anonymous survey to the players’ phones where they are asked about six stressors that athletes commonly encounter. The results are made available to each teams’ head coach, providing a snapshot of how the team is feeling and some relevant suggestions on how they can best support the players. This allows the coach to make the necessary adjustments in their training plan to ensure they are moving towards optimum team culture and performance.

“We’re thrilled to have organizations like the CSSHL come on board because it takes the right forward-thinking leaders to help us build this movement,” said Jessica Renney, “We know that sport culture can be improved with some key changes in priorities.”

As psychotherapists specializing in athletes, Renney and co-founder Paula McQuaid could see the negative impact had by undetected and untreated stressors.

“When provided with safe, supportive environments, athletes thrive. Mental health disruptions can limit their capacity and prevent them from discovering the boundaries of their potential. There had to be a better way to get ahead of these issues,” said Renney, “HONE became that better way.”