Program Profile: Balmoral Hall School

Located in Winnipeg, MB, Balmoral Hall School was founded in 1901 and is currently the longest standing prep hockey program in Manitoba with 18 years’ experience. Balmoral Hall will join the Female U18 Prep division in 2024/25 for their first season in the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL). 


To help our students-athletes grow as people first, players second. We aspire to develop our student-athletes to achieve their goal of playing at the collegiate/provincial/national level.


Our Vision: Pursuing Excellence, Meloria Petens.

Our Mission: Inspiring the imagination and courage to excel, to reach, to lead, to care.

Our Values: We believe all-girls education must be balanced. We believe globally minded citizens act with compassion and integrity. We believe lifelong learning is built upon curiosity, creativity, resiliency, and innovation.


  • U18 Female Prep
  • Balmoral Hall Blazers are entering their first season in the CSSHL. Balmoral Hall is located in a historic neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, along the banks of the scenic Assiniboine River.


  • Partner school
    • Balmoral Hall School for Girls
  • What are some of the things your program does to provide educational support?
    • Monitoring of student progress (credits, success, prerequisites for programs of interest/schools of interest)
    • Post-secondary advisement program including:
      • Check for academic eligibility to the NCAA
      • Assistance with post-secondary applications and supplementary components (personal statements/written responses, self-reported marks, university portal requirements)
  • How are grades monitored and how often?
    • Marks are continually monitored by teachers and student services team. Referrals are provided by individual teachers when there is concern.
    • Report cards are issued in early December, early March and June.
  • How are courses and the graduation path for student athletes chosen?
    • For all students:
      • Courses are chosen based on students’ interests and future intentions.
      • Prerequisite classes (high school and post-secondary) are discussed and monitored.
      • Post-secondary degree requirements are discussed in advisement classes.
    • For student athletes:
      • Post-secondary school choices are based on opportunities received by the school based on athletic performance and recruiting.
  • Do you have an academic probation policy?
    • All students are required to attend school in order to attend activities/practices/games after the school day.
    • Students are monitored progress and completion of assignments.


  • Do you offer a billeting program or a dormitory for non-local student athletes?
    • Boarding is home to many bright and motivated young people from countries all around the world. As a result, the boarding house is an exciting and education collection of cultures, languages, identities, orientations, religious, personalities and perspectives.
    • It is important to embrace this diversity and take advantage of opportunities to thrive in this safe and caring community. Understanding, respect, acceptance, and inclusion are essential and expected of all boarders.
    • Boarders get involved in a variety of athletic, artistic and fun-filled activities after school and on weekends throughout the year. Boarders find the numerous leadership and volunteer opportunities which are both challenging and extremely rewarding.
    • Health and wellbeing are top priority of boarding community. Boarding staff are always available to provide care and support whenever needed.
  • What kind of life skills to the student athletes learn by living in the dorms or with billets?
    • Promote teamwork and conflict resolution skills
    • Learn independence and personal responsibility
    • Develop social skills and communication skills
    • Promote Tolerance and acceptance of Diversity
    • Offer leadership opportunities and boost confidence


  • How are injuries and sick student athletes monitored?
    • We have a team Athletic Therapist who meets with the girls on a weekly basis and will assess and send players to appropriate avenues as needed. We also work closely with a Sports Medicine Physician whose office is 15 minutes from the school. We periodically send players to her for assessments and treatment, as needed.


  • What days the daily schedule look like for a student athlete in your program?
    • Our students attend classes from 8:30AM to 2:00PM. The team practices daily at 3:00PM and all related activities are completed between 4:30-5:30PM and student-athletes are picked up or transported back to campus.
  • How many games can your teams expect to play?
    • Our team plays 50-60 games a season which includes CSSHL regular season games and championships, as well as exhibition games, tournaments, and showcases.
  • What does the on and off ice training look like?
    • We practice on ice 4-5 times a week and run off-ice training 2 times a week.
    • Practices are comprised mostly of core competencies (skating, passing, shooting, puck handling, body contact) and skill acquisition.
      • We run 1-2 practices a week that focus primarily on small group skills and small area games. Most of our work on team systems and tactics is completed by doing game analysis in video sessions.
    • Off-ice training is done by both our strength and conditioning coach, Darlene Sveinson, who has been the team trainer for 18 seasons, and by the team of trainers from Focus Fitness. Dar focuses on conditioning and restorative practices such as yoga and mental mindfulness while Focus Fitness works on weight training and lifting fundamentals.
  • How long does your program run?
    • Our program runs from the middle of August to the end of April.



  • What is including in the price to attend the program? Breakdown of fees:
    • Tuition support, up to a maximum of 50%, is available to any student from Kindergarten to Grade 12 who attends Balmoral Hall School
    • 2024–2025 day tuition fees range from $18,750 to $22,500.
    • 2024–2025 fees for boarding students range from $41,500 (Manitoba), to $54,500 (North America), to $69,000 (International), which includes tuition as well as room and board.
    • Hockey Fees – available upon request