Program Profile: RINK Hockey Academy Kelowna

Located in the beautiful Okanagan in Kelowna, BC, the RINK Hockey Academy Kelowna offers six teams. In 2020, RINK Hockey Academy purchased Pursuit of Excellence (POE) who were a founding CSSHL member in 2009-10.

Mission Statement- Our team of professionals are committed to setting the standard of excellence and innovation in hockey in an environment where exceptional performance has no limit. Our vision it to be the complete hockey resource for personal and professional development.

2021 Teams
U15 Prep
U16 Prep
U17 Prep
U18 Prep
Female U18 Prep



 Partner School:
George Elliott Secondary School (Grades 9-12)
George Elliott Middle School (Grades 5-8)


What are some of the things your program does to provide educational support?

 The RINK School Liaison is the first point of contact for school education and behaviour concerns for RINK students, for George Elliot Secondary School (GESS) teachers, and RINK Parents. GESS Counsellor, Bruce Shaw, is first point of contact for RINK. GESS Counsellors, Brent Sookochoff and Bruce Shaw for course selections and school credits. Assist students/parents to source tutors as needed.

How are grades monitored and how often?

 Parent/Teacher interviews are conducted through GESS by the current teacher four times a year. RINK School Liaison is in touch with all teachers at the start of each term (8 terms) every five weeks. If a student falls behind or is struggling, the teacher will contact the RINK School Liaison. GESS issues Report Cards four times in the school year.  The RINK School Liaison receives a record of all students’ marks. Grades at the Rink- Kelowna are monitored by GESS teachers and information is relayed to our School Liaison. Any concerns with grade percentage, missed assignments or testing is reviewed with our coaches and in turn players are communicated with and appropriate direction is decided upon. All players must retain a 60% grade average to maintain participation in all hockey activities. Parents can also check at any time with their son or daughter’s teachers on grades or progress.

How are Courses and Graduation path for student athletes chosen?

Courses are chosen by the students at the end of each school year for the upcoming academic year. Bruce Shaw, who is the GESS Counsellor for RINK Kelowna, assists and guides all our student athletes in choosing the necessary courses for their future academic and career paths.

Do you have an academic probation Policy?

Student athletes are to maintain a 60% average in school. Should students fall below, the GESS teacher will contact the RINK School Liaison. The RINK School Liaison will work with the students/parents to arrange a tutor.  The Coach will be advised should additional academic time be needed to maintain that average and retain the programs academic standards.



Do you offer a billeting or dormitory for non-local student athletes?

The RHA-Kelowna billet coordinator works very closely with our out-of-town players, families, billet families and Rink-Kelowna staff to foster a good understanding and transition into the billet home. This transition involves a criminal record check, reference checks, home visit and inspection, player information profile and communication between the incoming family and billet family before the beginning of the year. Throughout the year our billet coordinator will do regular monthly checks with the billeted players and the billet family to insure smooth transition and ongoing success of the billeting program. Semiannual interviews are conducted to gather information and review the effectiveness of the billet family and the billeting program. Exit interviews are done for retention of effective billet families and gathering information for effective placements and improvements for the following year.



 How are injured and sick student athletes looked after?

If an athlete becomes sick or encounters an injury the staff and billet families work together to nurse the player back to health. In the event of illness, the billet family will look after the player until they are ready to return to regular activities. This will include doctor’s appointments, getting prescriptions and any other needs to reach recovery. The billet family keeps our billet coordinator and coaches informed of the athlete’s progress to recovery. If the illness is considered severe a doctor’s note maybe required before the athlete can return to regular training and game play.

When a player receives an injury, it is assessed by our athletic therapist. They will determine a back to play regimen. This may require referral to our Academy doctor who would refer a back to play timeline and protocol. Our team of doctors, athletic therapists, coaching staff and families will work together to help support the students training plan to get back to regular activity.


What does the daily schedule look like for student athletes?

 Students at the Rink- Kelowna work on a morning school or afternoon school schedule.

The morning school schedule will be as follows.

  • 7:30AM – Off ice Activity
  • 9:00AM school
  • 1:00PM Ice
  • 3:30PM Workout
  • 5:30 End of Day Shuttle.

Afternoon School schedule as follows.

  • 8:00AM Ice practice
  • 10:30AM Dryland
  • 12:30PM School
  • 3:30PM Skills
  • 5:30PM End of day shuttle.

Skills activity is comprised of team building and video sessions during the week.

How many games can your teams expect to play?

At the Rink-Kelowna we play between 40-60 games a year. Each of our teams will compete in the CSSHL playing 30-40 league and playoff games as well as exhibition and tournament play to get to a minimum of 45 games. All our teams will play exhibition and tournament play against elite competition across western Canada and the US.

Training Plan at RHA Kelowna

 The RHA Kelowna yearly training plan will offer to each of our student athletes.

  • Minimum 45 games
  • Over 200 hours of on ice training.
  • Over 150 hours of off-ice training.
  • Over 100 study hall hours.
  • Weekly goalie development.
  • Individual skill development including power skating.
  • Rink Testify Performance overseeing all our off-ice training.
  • State of the art equipment
  • State of the art training centre.


Who are some of the key staff working at the Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna?

Ryan Cyr, Governor
Brad Rice, Governor
Maco Balkovec, Executive Director RINK B.C
Glenn Carnegie, Regional Manager of Player Development, B.C
Kevin Bathurst, Player Development Program Coordinator
Glen Naka, Hockey Operations Manager
Jason Tansem, Lead Recruiter

Byron Ritchie, U18 Prep, Head Coach
Kris Hogg, Female U18 Prep Head Coach
Shae Naka, U17 Prep, Head Coach
Josh Bonar, U16 Prep, Head Coach
Jarome Iginla U15 Prep Head Coach
Mark Ferner, U15 Head Coach


 What is the best way to contact the Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna?