Program Profile: Ontario Hockey Academy

Located in Cornwall, ON, Ontario Hockey Academy joined the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) in 2019/20 and are the current Eastern U18 Prep Champions.


Our focus on excellence in sport sets us apart, but the Ontario Hockey Academy experience extends far beyond hockey.  In addition to sport, the Academy offers students high calibre academics and the opportunity to forge strong relationships and develop a strong work ethic through education, physical training, and engaging social activities.

Students will experience other cultures and make lifelong friends, while also learning a great deal about themselves as individuals. With dedicated teachers and coaches, dorm parents on site 24/7, and average class sizes of just 15 students, guidance and support is always available. Whether at home in our dorms, at a tournament, or in class, our community of boarders are an extended family that studies, learns, works, plays and grows together. We look forward to welcoming you to our home!


  • U18 Prep (CSSHL) – 2006s/2007s
  • Boys Maroon – 2007s/2008s
  • Boys Junior Prep – 2008s/2009s
  • Boys Gold – 2006s/2007s/2008s
  • Boys White – 2007s/2008s/2009s
  • Girls Tardiff – 2006s/2007s
  • Girls Gold – 2007s/2008s
  • Girls Prep – 2008s/2009s/2010s
  • Girls Prospects – 2009s/2010s/2011s


  • Entered the CSSHL in 2019-2020
  • Located in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
    • *One Hour Away from both Montreal and Ottawa


  • Private School Grades 9-PG
  • Ontario Ministry of Education Accredited School
  • University and NCAA Approved Courses
  • Small Class Sizes
  • SAT Prep and Testing Location
  • Study Hall
  • Integrated Academic and Athletic Program
  • University Advising and Placement
  • What are some of the things your program does to provide educational support?
    • OHA students are supported in many ways to help them strike a balance between our challenging academics and elite athletics. The support starts with smaller class sizes and time at the end of class to complete homework with the teacher there for support. Our teachers are also available for extra help three nights a week during our supervised study hall sessions. Moreover, when students are away for hockey or ill, our teachers keep them up to date with materials they missed using our online learning platform, Jupiter Ed. Finally, we run a tutoring program that connects the student with extra help, usually during the evening study hall periods.
  • How are grades monitored and how often?
    • Parents and students can see student grades in real time over our online grading platform. Student grades are tracked on an ongoing basis, and any student who is falling behind gets a message home from the teacher. The idea is to support the student to get back on track, and we involve parents in that conversation. For students struggling, we ensure that they are taking full advantage of all the supports mentioned above. Full effort is our main priority, and any student who is struggling due lack of effort will potentially lose ice time.
  • How are courses and the graduation path for the students chosen?
    • OHA is a provincially inspected school, approved by the Ministry of Education to offer Ontario credits and diplomas (OSSD). As such, we follow the required classes indicated for the Ontario diploma. That said, our students also have a lot of choice as to which classes they want to take in the later years of the program (11 and 12). We offer full guidance to them as to which courses to choose based on their area of interest in college/university, and we ensure that our core courses are approved for university and the NCAA.
  • Honour Roll:
    • In spite of the demanding nature of our academic program, we have a very high percentage of students achieving top marks. Our Academic Honour Roll recognizes students who achieve a 3.9 (90%) or higher GPA, and each year approximately 1/3 of the students are listed. Our school is a place where hard work pays off.
  • Post-Secondary Placement:
    • OHA places students each year into top universities and colleges primarily in North America but some also in Europe and other international countries. Recent destinations of note include: Harvard University, Cornell, Princeton, and in Canada Queen’s University, McGill and University of Toronto


  • Meet Lifelong Friends
  • Full Boarding Accommodations
    • Advanced Security System
    • 24 Hour Supervision
    • Room Checks Daily
    • Monthly Social Activities
    • Skating Rideau Canal
    • Paintball
    • Great Location
    • Structured Environment
    • Community Involvement
  • Do you offer a billeting program or dormitory for non-local student athletes?
    • OHA offers residency to both male and female students from grade nine to post graduate – A “home away from home” to students from across the world!
    • There are also additional benefits to be found in an exceptional campus environment. Living on campus in residences with classmates and friends – as well as with your teachers and mentors means students build lasting friendships and make great memories. From walking to Tim Hortons to all night study sessions, students are engaged, supported, and working towards a common goal – To be the best athlete they can be!
    • Curfews and standards of conduct will be part of life at OHA – No big news there! But you should also not be surprised to learn that OHA is a lot of fun. If you talk to OHA students or alumni, they will all tell you the same thing – It’s an environment that’s conducive to forging incredible friendships and having a great time in the process.
    • Girls and boys are divided into two different wings, sharing a common room with TV/DVD equipment, lounge furniture, laundry facilities, computer stations, and areas for making light snacks. All rooms have wireless internet access. Any parent who has been tasked with driving a child around town to sports and extracurricular activities will understand the advantage a residential school offers.
  • What kind of life skills are learned by living in the dorms?
    • A Multi-Cultural lifestyle is obtained by living in an OHA Dorm as over 50+ countries have attended our program throughout our seventeen-year history. Players are tasked with daily room checks. Where they’re taught and tested to keep their personal rooms clean. While living in the dorms, the student athletes gain valuable life skills that include appreciating the “other”. They encounter new perspectives and beliefs through living with students that represent different races, cultures and lifestyles and develop a stronger understanding of diversity. As a result, these student athletes form a friendship that lasts a lifetime.


  • What does the daily schedule look like for an Ontario Hockey Academy student athlete?
    • An Average day at the Ontario Hockey Academy is structured right down to the last minute of the day allowing for maximum develop both in the classroom, the gym and of course, on the ice!
  • How many games can your team expect to play?
    • Teams can expect to play 45+ Games throughout the season. Which will include Exhibition, Regular Season, Playoffs and Tournaments. Each team’s schedule is built to achieve the greatest opportunity for development both individually and as a team.
  • What does the on and off ice training look like?
    • Our Student-Athletes participate in purposeful On-Ice Training daily. Each Session consists of 3+ Coaching staff focusing on individual tactics, skills and overall team development.
  • On-Ice Highlights
    • 3-4 Practices Per week
    • On/Off Ice Goalie Sessions
    • 45+ Games a season
    • Schedule/Events Diversity in location
      • Chicago
      • Detroit
      • Toronto
      • Sudbury
      • Montreal
      • Ottawa
      • Boston
      • Charlottetown
    • Detailed Group and Individual Video Sessions
    • Power Skating/Individual Skills until end of May
  • Off-Ice Strength and conditioning Highlights
    • On Property Gym
    • Shooting Pad
    • Skating Treadmill


  • How many ice surfaces does the Ontario Hockey Academy have?
    • The Ontario Hockey Academy operates on four ice surfaces. All located within a 10 Minute Drive of our Campus. The Benson Centre (4 Minute Drive) is a three pad Arena with an attached Indoor Soccer Field. The Civic Centre (10 Minute Drive) is home to the Cornwall Colts JR A Team that is a one pad and sits 5000+. The Ontario Hockey Academy uses both rinks for home games and showcase events.
  • What other Facilities do you offer?
    • The Ontario Hockey Academy Campus Includes Private Dormitories, Classrooms, Cafeteria, Skating Treadmill, Dry Locker Room, Gym and all our Administrative Offices.


  • Patrick Turcotte – Boys Hockey Director
  • Jay McNeill – Dorm Director / International Recruiter
  • Rick Lalonde – Head of Recruiting
  • Cody Mallette – Head Coach
  • Brent Loney – Head Coach
  • Jesse Ferguson – Principal