Female Prep Standings

The current Female Prep standings based upon the results of the previous showcases are:

At the conclusion of the 2019-20 season the CSSHL decided that having competitive games was more important that just playing games.  As a result the league decided to run a pilot project during 2020-21 Female U18 Prep Division showcases as tiered events with best on best competition.

Unfortunately the project was postponed due to COVID in 2020-21 and it is being operated under the following guidelines for the 2021-22 season.

  • Teams are broken up into three tiers
    • 1st Place to 4th Place
    • 5th Place to 8th Place
    • 9th Place to 12th Place
  • First showcase for 2021-22 will be based on the 2019-20 standings
  • At the conclusion of each showcase the teams are re-seeded for the next showcase
    • Worst record in the 1st to 4th place tier moves to the 5th to 8th place tier
    • Best record in the 5th  to 8th place tier moves to the 1st to 4th place tier
    • Worst record in the 5th to 8th place tier moves to the 9th to 12th place tier
    • Best record in the 9th to 12th place tier moves to the 5th to 8th place tier

While regional flex games have been scheduled for 2021-22, and are showing in the standings link below, the results of the final showcase will determine championship seeding