2023 CSSHL Western Championships Provide Significant Economic Impact

The 2023 Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) Western Championships had an economic impact of $3.337 million in Penticton, BC.

The event, which took place in Penticton from March 6-19, 2023, featured 86 teams and roughly 1,900 players and staff from the four Western Canadian provinces and the state of Idaho. Over 91% of the events participates were out of town, overnight guests.

Roughly 3,908 spectators attended the event, with 90% of those spectators being out of town, overnight guests. 84.6% of these spectators travelled more than 320km to attend the event, staying on average more than 3 nights in Penticton.

In addition to the $3.3 million impact on Penticton, the total B.C. Provincial impact was $3.86 million, with a National impact of $4.9 million.

It was announced back in March of 2023 that the CSSHL and its partners Okanagan Hockey Group, OVG360, Travel Penticton and the City of Penticton reached an agreement for a 10-year agreement (five years, with an additional five-year renewal clause) to host the Western Championships beginning in March 2024.

“With the continued expansion of the CSSHL, which will see 96 teams from the four western provinces and the states of Idaho and Washington competing during the 2023/24 season, the CSSHL Western Championships will only continue to grow each season and provide even further economic impact on both Penticton and the province of BC,” added CSSHL Chief Operating Officer Kevin Goodwin.

“Seeing the impressive economic numbers from last year’s tournament really emphasizes how impactful the CSSHL Western Championships are to Penticton. With a significant portion of participants and spectators coming from outside of the Okanagan region, this annual event provides a clear and powerful economic boost to our local hospitality throughout its’ 14-day stay during a typically quieter period of tourism,” said Dean Clarke, General Manager and Regional Vice President of OVG360. “As 10 additional teams are anticipated for next year’s event, it’s clear the CSSHL Western Championships are on a path of exceptional growth and will ensure Penticton remains a premier destination for sports and tourism, all year round.”

Travel Penticton, the official tourism marketing agency for the city if Penticton, is an enthusiastic supporter of the CSSHL. “Our Board, membership and marketing team see the real value of this event.” stated Thom Tischik, Travel Penticton Executive Director. “The CSSHL event happens in a normally quiet time of the tourism year. This initiative helps to fill accommodations, generate business to restaurants, craft breweries, wineries, retailers and other non-hospitality venues.” Thom goes on to say, “Our investment sees real-time benefits and we look forward to a long-term partnership with CSSHL over the next several years.”

“The support for our business community that the CSSHL event brings in the shoulder season is incredible and it’s great to see our accommodations full, restaurants busy and community on show for this event” said Anthony Haddad, General Manager of Community Services. Haddad added, “We look forward to the long-term partnership with CSSHL, Okanagan Hockey Group, OVG360 and Travel Penticton so see this event continue to grow and support our community over the coming years.”

The 2022 CSSHL Western Championships had a $3.151 million impact on the city of Penticton.

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Jordan Martin
Manager, Media & Communications
Canadian Sport School Hockey League

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