Program Profile: Mount Academy

Located in North Rustico, PEI, Mount Academy joined the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) Eastern U17 and U18 divisions in 2019/20, winning their first CSSHL Eastern Championship in 2021/22.


Our philosophy is built on the premise that hard work, curiosity and personal growth are critical for reaching greater heights. We believe students must build the physical, mental, and emotional stamina to generate long-term success and confidence in their future endeavours.

Our Vision is to be a leader in graduating student-athletes with the confidence, skills and motivation to make a difference in society. To accomplish this goal, our student-athletes are tested through verbal, written and hands-on activities, and are provided opportunities to learn and navigate real world situations. Athletic programs integrated into an active “work day” motivate academic in class performance and provide a balanced educational experience. 


  • Pursuit of excellence in the classroom and on the ice.
  • Active enjoyment of the learning process.
  • Building a winning culture.
  • Being accountable for one’s actions and behaviours.
  • Have a positive impact in their life and the lives of others.
  • Create a positive and supportive environment to achieve.


  • Eastern U18 Prep
  • Eastern U17 Prep


  • Mount Academy is located in North Rustico, PEI a short walk from our beautiful beaches on the North Shore.
    • Address:
      • 20 Recreation Street, North Rustico, PEI, C0A 1N0
  • Year we entered the CSSHL 2019/20


  • Partner School
    • Mount Academy
  • What are some of the things your program does to provide educational support?
    • Students are responsible for managing their workload. Flexibility to accommodate the athletic schedule is provided. Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and their own education. Mount Academy is a preparatory school, where students are expected to perform at post-secondary levels upon graduation. As a result, students are encouraged to be as productive as possible during the school day. In order to achieve at a high level, students also need to be working outside of class time on homework, reading, organizing and so forth. Students are expected to keep up with their school work while traveling, and coaches will provide students with support and structured study time during team trips.
    • Students are expected to adhere to course deadlines, and submit their work on time. However, faculty may exercise discretion to grant extensions in exceptional circumstances, such as unforeseen emergencies, medical or technical issues.  It is the responsibility of the student to petition faculty for consideration, preferably before the due date.
  • How are grades monitored and how often?
    • Each instructor creates their own syllabus and grading scheme, which will be provided on the first day of class. The syllabus is subject to changes throughout the term. Student work will be evaluated on an ongoing basis using both formative and summative assessments, and regular feedback will be provided. Students are expected to participate in class activities and encouraged to ask questions.
    • Mount Academy primarily uses Google Classroom for classroom management of assignments, to provide electronic resources, and communication with students. Class codes are provided on the first day of class.
    • Grades and performance reports are provided online via the MySchool student information system.
  • How are courses and the graduation path for student athletes chosen?
    • Mount Academy delivers the Atlantic Canadian School curriculum and is approved by the PEI Department of Education
  • Do you have an academic probation policy?
    • Academic honesty is fundamental to our school philosophy. Violations of any form of lying, plagiarism, misrepresentation of work, purchasing documents, copying, or cheating is considered unacceptable. This includes passing in work created by ChatGPT or any other AI generator, work from other students, or submitting old assignments. Students are responsible for all work submitted and understand that any student violating this policy will receive an automatic zero on the work involved, and further disciplinary action may also be taken. Flagrant, persistent or repeated incidences of cheating or plagiarism can result in suspension, expulsion from the school, or denial of readmission. Such cases will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee.


  • Do you offer a billeting program or a dormitory for non-local student athletes?
    • Mount academy offers students the opportunity to stay in one of our residences.
  • Location of the Residence
    • Offsite student housing is located at the Gables Resort in Stanley Bridge, PEI. Please refer to the website : if you would like to see more information on these facilities.
    • The residence is open from September 9, 2024 to June 5, 2025, but is closed during Christmas break and March break, where student belongings may remain, but students themselves must vacate. Families should expect that all the rooms are single or bunk beds. Boarders will be informed of: your house, room, and roommates by email no later than seven (7) days before move in day.
  • What kind of life skills do the student athletes learn by living in the dorms or with billets?
    • Students learn the values of teamwork and the lessons of independence and accountability while being immersed in the residence setting. 


  • How are injuries and sick student athletes monitored?
    • In the event of a medical emergency, teachers and staff should provide immediate first aid as necessary. If deemed serious, call 911 and THEN inform school administration.
    • We also have access to a General Practitioner, Dr. Stacy Champion should any students require to be seen by a physician at any time during their time at the Mount Academy.


  • What days does the daily schedule look like for a student athlete in your program?
    • Mount Academy operates an extended school day from 8:05 AM to 3:45 PM, which includes academics and athletics. Students may arrive up to 15 minutes before the school day begins and remain for 15 minutes after  the school day ends. Here an example of what a schedule look like :

  • How many games can your teams expect to play?
    • 55
  • What does the on and off ice training look like?
    • We practice and train off ice 4 days per week
  • How long does your program run?
    • We run from September to June


  • Cam Squires- QMJHL
  • Sam Boisvert BCHL
  • Drew Hockley BCHL
  • Cole Burbidge QMJHL
  • Gus El-Tahan BCHL


  • Patrick Flynn
    • Director of Hockey
    • c.613.930.5383
  • Rebecca Babiak


  • What is included in the price to attend the program? Breakdown of fees
    • 2024/2025 Academic Year
      • Middle School Hockey Program (Grades 7-9)
        • Academics $12 500
        • Athletics $5 750
        • Total: $18 750
      • High School Skills Hockey Program (Grades 10-12)
        • Academics $17 000
        • Athletics $5 750
        • Total: $22 750
      • High School Hockey Program (Grades 10-12)
        • Academics $17 000
        • Athletics $15 000
        • Accommodations  $13 000
        • Total: $45 000
      • Additional Fees
        • Transportation Fee: Town bussing runs from Charlottetown to Rustico each school day. A set daily fee will be determined based on usage.
        • International Student Fee $7,500
        • English Second Language (ESL) $5,000


  • What is the best way to contact the program?
    • Website:
    • Email:
    • Social media:
      • Facebook: @MountAcademy
      • Instagram: @MountAcademy and @MountAcademyHockey
    • Phone Number: 782-377-3935