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Coeur d’Alene Hockey Academy is committed to excellence both Academically and Athletically, and to developing the personal growth of our student athletes.  We stand together to serve and represent our Academy and Community with Integrity and Respect.


Coeur d’Alene Hockey Academy aspires to be an outstanding educational and athletic organization that provides high quality experience to every Athlete.  We strive to provide the high-quality experience in which every Athlete learns skills, tactics, and strategies of the game as they are improving as a player and individual while being coached using principles of positive coaching.  Our players work hard during practices and games, as they are an important part of their Academy regardless of performance. Student athletes learn valuable life lessons that carry beyond the rink.



Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. Approximately 2 hours from the Canadian border.

Teams: U17 Prep, U18 Prep, and Female U18 Prep 

Entered the CSSHL in 2012 under Compete Hockey Academy. Name and Ownership change to the Coeur d’Alene Hockey Academy in 2015.





CDA Hockey Academy has created a solid educational base and an academic curriculum that allows student athletes to integrate hockey with school. 
Our program will require the player to maintain an individual “C” higher per class to be eligible to participate in Academy activities.
We make academics and time management a high priority.  It is CDA Academy’s goal to prepare our student athletes for life experiences beyond hockey.

  1. CDA Hockey Academy is pursuant on being accredited by July 1, 2021 as the CDA Hockey Academy School.

In the Fall of 2020, the CDA Hockey Academy began the process of accreditation through Cognia (formerly AdvancEd). Once completed, the academy will be a fully accredited, independent school serving all its student athletes from grades 7-12. In the interim, the CDA Hockey Academy continues to offer classes through the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA), a fully accredited digital platform for Idaho students. In addition, some CDA Hockey Academy students take courses from their local school districts to augment their course load.

  1. What are some of the things your program does to provide educational support? Two credentialed teacher/administrators on staff. Full time classroom monitor and credentialed teacher on site. Friday and Saturdays are committed to study hall and dryland.
  2. How are grades monitored and how often? Grades are monitored on a weekly basis every Wednesday at 5:00 pm. In addition, our classroom monitors specific students daily.
  3. How are courses and the graduation path for student athletes chosen? The school’s Principal is our academic liaison and works with each student-athletes specific graduation path. Hockey Academy staff partners with students and families at the beginning of each semester to review past progress and chart the course for the upcoming semester making sure each student is not only on target for graduation but prepared and planning for the next steps after high school.
  4. Do you have an academic probation policy? 

Yes, CDA Hockey student athletes are required to maintain a 70% or higher in each of their courses. Students failing to meet this standard are supported with additional study time and tutoring. Continued failure to meet the minimum requirements can result in reduced or suspended participation in athletic practice and/or competition.

Academic Probation Acknowledgement


 Academic probation is intended to be a warning to the parents and student that there is a serious problem which needs to be addressed.  During the probation time the student can participate in CDA Hockey Academy activities under the advisement and discretion of the Director and Head Coach. Currently, ___________________ will be on a strict academic plan that is to maximize study time, to allow more time for work being completed, hourly monitoring of progress, and any assistance in tutoring or help needed. It is our desire to give students on academic probation support and encouragement.  We will cooperatively work with parents and students if there is some prospect for satisfactory achievement.  Our goal is to see each student restored to good academic standing.  The appropriate staff person will confer with the student and his/her parents to make recommendations and evaluate the student’s progress.


As of now ________________________is currently under the 2.5 GPA requirement to be academically in good standing. As of now Date, Name:____________________ has one week  Date:______to have every class over 60%, and a 2.5 GPA by Date:_______. If these standards are not met all activities outside the classroom will be terminated until further notice.


Status: No Activities until all grades are passing.



Student: ____________________________________________


Head Coach: ________________________________________


Manager: ___________________________________________






Billet Program
Just as in junior hockey, all our out-of-town boys and girls will live with local host/billet families in the community.  Our Billets are screened, and background checked through USA Hockey thoroughly to ensure that each family’s values meet the values set by our Academy, and provide a positive, supportive, nurturing home for our athletes to live in while they are here with us. All players and families are given a strict code of conduct to abide by during their stay for the season while attending the Academy.

We feel Billeting provides a great experience for players to learn how to adapt to new surroundings, as well as have a “home away from home” to make our players feel as comfortable as possible. 

For more information, or to become a host family, please contact:


Billet Family Application

Billet Rules

Billet Questionnaire (Players)



CDA Hockey Academy monitors all student athlete injuries on a daily and weekly basis through our coach’s reports. All injuries are reported to the director of the Academy. Any student athlete that is sick at the Academy is monitored by our billet coordinator and classroom monitor Kali Queen. We partner with two separate clinics, one with Dr. Panos which is our MD and concussion specialist. Our team Athletic Trainer is Dave Andrews who treats all our players that have athletic training needs including rehab


Dr. Craig Panos MD is Coeur d’Alene Hockey Academy’s Team Doctor.   Dr. Panos has extensive experience working with athletes and concussion. He is one of the leading Sports Doctors and Concussion Specialists in the entire Northwest.  He is a Credentialed Impact Consultant and travels as a physician with the U.S. Ski Team. He also serves as the director of the concussion programs at Coeur d’ Alene, Lake City and Post Falls High Schools.  He is a graduate of Chicago Medical School and completed his residency at Southern Colorado Family Medicine.  His specialty is sports and concussion medicine.


Dave Andrews is Coeur d ‘Alene Hockey Academy’s   physical Therapist who specializes in Sports Injuries.   In addition to practicing physical therapy in a clinical setting, Dave teaches Sports Medicine at Post Falls High School (since 1998).  Dave coordinated the Sports Medicine Program at Post Falls High School.  He also spent 6 years traveling with the US National and Olympic teams in the United States and Internationally.



What days the daily schedule look like for the Coeur d’ Alene Hockey Academy student athlete?

Each day is divided between classroom learning periods and on and off ice training sessions to ensure that CDA student-athletes maintain balance in both their academic studies and athletic performance. Student athletes attend school at the CDA Hockey Academy from 8:30 until 2:00pm, with on-ice and off-ice training taking place until 5:00pm. 

How many games can your teams expect to play? 

In a normal year roughly 40 games. This includes CSSHL games, exhibition games, tournaments, and playoffs.


What does the on and off ice training look like?

Our student athletes train for 10-months, from September until June. They receive 160 to 190 hours of on-ice hours, 170-200 off-ice hours. We conduct four fitness tests a year (September, December, March, and June), which includes height and weight measurements, beep test, squat, standing broad jump, vertical jump, bench press, med ball toss, pull-ups along with on ice assessments.


Key Staff:

Mike Schroeder, General Manager

Kali Queen, Asst. Administrator, Registrar, Billet Coordinator

Ken Hoey, U17 Head Coach

Freddie Beaubien, U18 Girls Head Coach

U14 Head Coach John Deauville

Mitch Burman, U14 asst. Coach

Norm Lochten, U16 Head Coach

John Bauman, Video

Chris Finch, School Accreditation, Principal



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