Program Profile: Ulysse Académie

Located in Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, QC, Ulysse Académie joined the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) for the 2023/24 Eastern U17 and U18 Prep season.

Ulysse Académie’s Commitment to Excellence

Ulysse Académie offers a multi-sport program for girls and boys with hockey as a major sport. Our philosophy is consistent with studies on the detrimental effects of over-specialization and the beneficial effects of developing a varied sports literacy in young people. At the elementary level, our Ulysses students play hockey and are introduced to several other sports. Our high school student-athletes train and compete in hockey (RSEQ et CSSHL), lacrosse, rowing, and mountain biking. Moreover, they do all this without missing school, while being subject to an academic success protocol and achieving numerous behavioural standards. Our post-secondary students focus primarily on hockey (CSSHL and other competitions) and the next steps in their development as students and athletes.

 2024/25 CSSHL TEAMS

  • Eastern U17
  • Eastern U18 Prep


Our elementary student-athletes attend their local school and our high school students attend the Odyssée High School in Terrebonne (Quebec). Post-secondary student-athletes are enrolled in our Grade 12 Pre-University program (which is offered directly at Complexe JC Perreault). At Ulysse Académie, there is rarely a shortage of academic opportunities allowing student-athletes to play hockey. Practices are after school, and competitions take place on weekends.


Student-athletes who do not come from areas close to our program stay with host families. This allows them to evolve in a family environment that fosters smooth personal, academic and athletic development. For us, placing our youngsters with host families is the best way to provide our Ulysses students with an enriching, safe and secure environment in which to live and socialize.


The support provided to our student-athletes includes monitoring their physical development and state of health. Our program is staffed by experienced therapists and kinesiologists. These professionals accompany our Ulysses students daily and maintain constant communication with parents to ensure optimal treatment and injury prevention. A physiotherapy clinic is located just across the street from the JCPerreault Complex, and hospitals are nearby. These facilities provide follow-up and treatment to our athletes in the event of injury.


School starts at 7:45 a.m. for our high school student-athletes who are studying at École secondaire de l’Odyssée in Terrebonne. On the other hand, classes end at 2:30 p.m. Training (on and off the ice) therefore takes place at the end of the day for them. Our U18 team members are studying grade 12 directly in Complexe JCPerreault. Their program is online, but our student-athletes are supervised by a tutor from Tuesday to Thursday. Their progress is analyzed to ensure that they don’t fall behind schedule. All our students are subject to an academic success protocol. If a student-athlete is unable to comply with it, sanctions involving participation in the program’s sports activities are imposed.


Our program is based at the Complexe JC Perreault. This infrastructure houses two rinks that meet NHL specifications.  It also houses the Ulysse Académie offices, a training room and two classrooms. Three locker rooms are reserved for our teams. Our Varsity team’s locker room is the envy of many professional teams. The complex also boasts a restaurant offering an elaborate menu in impressive surroundings. Complexe JC Perreault is in a rapidly developing sector. A physiotherapy clinic and a field hockey center are located across the street, and more construction is planned for the near future. We also use the gymnasiums and outdoor synthetic fields at École secondaire de l’Odyssée. The use of these facilities enables our student-athletes to practice lacrosse and benefit from optimal training. Finally, our rowing activities are held at the Club d’aviron (rowing) de Terrebonne and our mountain biking activities at the Groupe Plein Air Terrebonne.


  • Chairman-founder: François Marcoux
  • Academic Supervisors: Marie-Claude Baril and Scott McLeod
  • Grade 12 Academic Tutor: Annie St-Onge
  • Hockey Director: Denis Chalifoux
  • Président (U17 and U18 teams): Etienne Marcoux
  • Kinesiologist: Maryse Allard
  • Accounts manager: Annie St-Onge
  • Web and digital content manager: François Paquet


Over the years, many highly talented Ulysians have taken advantage of this fact to enjoy extraordinary careers. Some have gone on to pursue University studies at the NCAA and U-Sports levels, while others have gone the Major Junior route. Ten of our alumni have had professional careers in North America and Europe, seven have attended NHL camps and one is currently in the AHL. All our alumni have stood out in terms of their athletic ability, attitude, and the quality of their academics.


  • U17 $9,800
  • U18 $19,500


Francois Marcoux Ulysse Académie
620 rue J. Oswald-Forest, St-Roch-de-l’Achigan, QC
(514) 247-3783