Program Profile: North Shore Warriors

Located in North Vancouver, the North Shore Warriors joined the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL) in 2016/17, and have since won two U15 Western Championships.


The North Shore Warriors Hockey Academy is committed to development in a culture of education, leadership, and sport excellence. Our environment of accountability focuses on the habits required to develop a successful student athlete on and off the ice. We live by the Warrior way of respect, relentless, and resilient.


The North Shore Warriors compete in the CSSHL with 6 teams across 6 divisions. A complete pathway to graduation model is available for student athletes in grades 7 through 12

  • U15 AAA
  • U15 Prep
  • U17 AAA
  • U17 Prep
  • U18 Prep
  • U18 Female Prep


The Warriors entered the CSSHL in 2016, formerly known as the West Van Warriors Hockey Academy (2016-2021). Moving to facility and education providers into North Vancouver in 2021, the Academy rebranded as the North Shore Warriors Hockey Academy to better reflect the entire region in which we call home.


Our partner school is North Shore Academy (NSA), which is The North Shore’s School for Athletes. NSA opened as a private school in 2021 to provide custom course curriculum and scheduling for high-performance student athletes. Led by Education Director and a former CHL, USport Student Athlete, and Hockey Captain Mr. Mark Tremaine, there is a strong school culture of performance, adaptability, and relatability.

Student enrollment consists of baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, skiing, soccer, and martial arts athletes and the NSA staff does an exceptional job to support the diverse needs of our Warriors partnership.

  • What are some of the things your program does to provide educational support?
    • The Warriors Hockey Academy and NSA staff develop the hockey and education schedule in parallel each year to create a supportive and integrated approach to learning. This means student athletes never miss a day of academic delivery due to their hockey schedule, and additional support is provided throughout the hockey season by teachers and staff around key education dates and deliverables.
    • Additionally, teachers, teaching assistants, tutors, and academic advisors are hired and supplemented privately by the Academy for education support and curriculum delivery. Technology-enabled classrooms and digital learning platforms for NSA students make study halls easy and convenient while traveling to showcases and tournaments.
    • Asynchronous pace options are available for motivated student athletes. Some NSA students have completed three grade-advanced courses inside of one ‘traditional’ school year, which highlights the efficiency of the NSA schedule, and makes the transition to junior hockey easier with a lighter courseload.
    • Leadership Friday at NSA is a regularly scheduled day for character development covering a wide range of initiatives including: community involvement, volunteerism, guest speakers, nutritionists and dieticians, expanded interests, financial literacy, sports psychology, mental health training, and fostering healthy relationships.
  • How are grades monitored and how often?
    • There is an NSA student athlete dashboard that is readily available and accessible for academic results and accountability. Assignments, quizzes, and tests are graded with real time feedback provided to student athletes/families who no longer have to wait for a report card to make adjustments.
    • Academic monitoring is done weekly with updates to coaching staff provided on an ongoing basis.
  • How are courses and the graduation path for student athletes chosen?
    • NSA provides a wide range of electives and diverse course options for students in Grades 7 through 12.
    • Prospective Warrior student athletes apply and meet with NSA Registrar and Admissions Director, Ms. Lanita Moore, to review academic standing prior to intake acceptance and registration. Course selection and electives are chosen based on Ministry of Education requirements, combined with student competencies, interests, and proficiency.
    • Tom McEvay is the Academic Advisor and in conjunction with NSA staff, Tom meets with student athletes for course selection, monitoring, and academic progression. Mr. McEvay has over 35 years of experience as a school Principal and now as an Advisor to help students understand their potential education pathways. Tom has placed students into Canadian Universities, American Colleges, and Ivy League schools and his services have proven invaluable to Warrior student athletes.
    • In keeping with an accountability driven environment, neglecting education requirements will result in the reduction and/or removal of athletic privileges and programming with the Warriors.


  • Do you offer a billeting program or a dormitory for non-local student athletes?
    • The North Shore Warriors offer a billeting program for student athletes. Our Parent and Billet Family Liaison assists with student athletes moving to the Lower Mainland from outside the region. A billet experience can provide lifelong friendships and develop many great life lessons. It is expected that billet students adjust and adapt to new family norms and house rules in a respectful manner and engage with new family schedules, traditions, and expectations.


  • How are injuries and sick student athletes monitored?
    • The Academy Director of Sports Medicine, Scott Marchant handles student athlete injury prevention, monitoring, and rehabilitation programs. Scott has previous experience with the WHL Vancouver Giants, MLS Vancouver Whitecaps, CFL BC Lions, and has been with the Warriors since its’ inception in 2016. His experience, dedication, and professionalism has been a valuable resource for Academy student athletes and families.
    • Scott oversees bench staff for AT and game management, and also attends the Academy each week for student athlete injury management and post-weekend treatments.
    • In conjunction with Scott’s clinic Accel Health and Athletics, HeadCheck Health is a partner organization that provides all concussion testing and an integrated platform for injury tracking, monitoring, and athlete rehabilitation.


  • What days the daily schedule look like for a student athlete in your program?
    • All Warrior student athletes and teams belong to a morning or afternoon training cohort. The Morning cohort (U15 AAA/U15 Prep) trains from 800am-1145am and the afternoon cohort (U17 AAA/U17 Prep/U18 Prep/U18 Female Prep) trains from 1200pm-400pm. Athletes spend 3.5-4 hours at North Shore Winter Club and 3.5-4 hours at NSA.
    • All hockey development and education scheduling is conducted between 800am and 400pm weekdays which provides ideal lifestyle and family balance.
    • Student athletes receive daily on-ice training, off-ice training, video coaching, and take part in player and positional development meetings. Additional icetime is provided for skill development sessions on a weekly basis to work on player deficiencies.
    • The cohort block scheduling allows for additional development and player AP opportunities with other teams that are in their training cohort. For example, U15 AAA players often receive double practise ice, training, or skill development with the U15 Prep team.
    • The Academy strives for a 45-50 game season with all teams. This includes CSSHL Regular Season, CSSHL Playoffs, and Exhibition Games/Tournaments.
    • Warriors student athletes receive 450+ hockey specific development hours for Student Athletes. This takes place over the entirety of our development season which runs from September into June each year to coincide with our academic schedule at NSA.


    • Connor Bedard – NHL Draft 1st Overall, 2023 Chicago
    • Matthew Wood – NHL Draft 1st Round, 2023 Nashville
    • Kaden Hammell – NHL Draft 5th Round, 2023 Seattle
    • Fraser Minten – NHL Draft 2nd Round, 2022 Toronto
    • Layton Ahac – NHL Draft 3rd Round, 2019 Las Vegas

Additionally, 80+ alumni have gone on to play Junior, Major Junior, University, or Professional Hockey in the 7 short years since our inception.


    • Nathan Fischer, President and Governor
    • Scot Dickson, Director of Hockey Operations
    • Steve Marr, Director of Hockey Development
    • Scott Marchant, Director of Sports Medicine
    • Mitch Ledyard, Hockey Operations Coordinator
    • Scott Hewson, U18 Prep Head Coach
    • Milton Chan, U18 Female Prep Head Coach
    • Tyson Mulock, U17 Prep Head Coach
    • Sheldon Baerg, U17 AAA Head Coach
    • Steve Marr, U15 Prep Head Coach
    • Jared Eng, U15 AAA Head Coach
    • Eric Williams, Goaltending Coach
    • Alex Dunham, Mental Health and Performance Coach


The 2024-2025 cost to attend the North Shore Warriors Hockey Academy is $25,500 for 10-months of student athlete training and development. Please note that additional school fees are independent and payable directly to our education partner North Shore Academy.


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