Edge Forward McMillan Gives Back to Community Through Coaching

Edge School grade 12 student-athlete, Oliver McMillan, has been at Edge School for five years, playing in our hockey team program for the last four. He’s always had a passion for the game of hockey, and that led Oliver to think that he should look for a way to get involved in the sport in a different way. “I felt that I should give back to the hockey community after all it has done for me,” says Oliver.

Oliver’s mom, Jacqueline, had a colleague that had coaching experience with the Special Olympics Calgary hockey program. After chatting with her colleague, Jacqueline figured that this might be exactly the sort of opportunity that Oliver could pursue to give back to hockey. Jacqueline presented the idea to Oliver, and he saw it as a perfect opportunity – signing up with the SOC last year as a floor hockey coach. The experience was great from the start for Oliver, and was highlighted by winning Provincials with his floor hockey team. He liked the experience so much that he continued coaching in the spring. This time, with the SOC track and field team, and also returned to coach floor hockey again this year.

“I enjoy coaching because it is very emotionally rewarding. The athletes that I coach are always so positive no matter what,” says Oliver. “I have learned a lot from the athletes I have coached. They always smiles on their faces, and they are happy to be playing the sport that they love, regardless of the outcome.”

After the floor hockey season wraps up this year, Oliver plans on continuing coaching – this time with the SOC powerlifting team.

“I plan to continue coaching with SOC for as long as I can. I have made great connections with the athletes, and it is the highlight of my week to coach them..”

Way to give back to the community, Oliver. We are happy to see that you have found a passion that goes beyond that game itself, and look forward to seeing you continue your work with Special Olympics Calgary!

Story submitted by Edge School