CSSHL U17 Prep Rankings

At the 2023 CSSHL AGM Member Programs voted in favour of combining the U16 Prep and U17 Prep division into one.

In a continued effort by the CSSHL and its member programs for a competitive, like-on-like game schedule, the new U17 Prep division will see 33 teams compete in one division. All 33 teams will participate in 3 division wide ranked showcases, for a total of 12 games, plus additional regional games.

  • October 6-9 – Calgary, AB
  • January 11-14 – Vancouver, BC and Area
  • February 2-5 – Winnipeg, MB
  • Teams are broken up into tiers depending on the number of teams in each division
  • Flex games do not have any impact on the showcase rankings
  • Regional showcases are run separate from full division showcases, and these regional showcases have their own rankings based specifically off  regional showcase results
  • Teams only play other teams within their bracket at these showcase events
  • First showcase for 2023-24 will be based on the 2022-23 regular season results
  • At the conclusion of each showcase the teams are re-seeded for the next showcase
    • The worst two records in brackets 1 and 2 each move down a single bracket. The best two records in brackets 2 and 3 move up a single bracket

The current rankings for the U17 Division are as follows:

Bracket 1: Teams 1-12
Bracket 2: Teams 13-24
Bracket 3: Teams 25-36

U17 Prep Current Ranking Team First Showcase Ranking Second Showcase Ranking Third Showcase Ranking
1st Calgary International Hockey Academy 11th 1st 5th
2nd RHA Kelowna Black 3rd 8th 7th
3rd Pacific Coast Hockey Academy Blue 10th 9th 6th
4th BWC Academy Gold 9th 5th 2nd
5th NAX Blue 1st 4th 3rd
6th Edge School Maroon 29th 23rd 11th
7th Yale Hockey Academy 4th 3rd 1st
8th Delta Hockey Academy Green 2nd 10th 8th
9th Edge School Gold  5th 2nd 4th
10th Okanagan Hockey Academy 7th 6th 10th
11th Prairie Hockey Academy White 6th 7th 13th
12th NAX White 34th 24th 15th
13th OHA Edmonton 13th 22nd 12th
14th Pilot Mound Hockey Academy 17th 12th 14th
15th Notre Dame Hounds 16th 25th 24th
16th RHA Winnipeg 23rd 15th 17th
17th St. George’s School 12th 13th 20th
18th South Alberta Hockey Academy 19th 17th 16th
19th Indigenous Sports Academy 14th 20th 19th
20th RHA Kelowna Red 21st 16th 22nd
21st Delta Hockey Academy Black 26th 31st 23rd
22nd Wenatchee Wild 20th 19th 21st
23rd Notre Dame Hounds Red 25th 29th 32nd
24th OHA Edmonton Black 31st 30th 28th
25th Coeur d’Alene Academy 15th 18th 18th
26th BWC Academy White 27th 27th 29th
27th Shawnigan Lake School 8th 14th 26th
28th North Shore Warriors Orange 28th 32nd 31st
29th Prairie Hockey Academy Blue 30th 28th 30th
30th Okanagan Hockey Academy Black 24th 26th 27th
31st Pacific Coast Hockey Academy White 32nd 33rd 33rd
32nd North Shore Warriors 18th 21st 25th
33rd Coeur d’Alene Academy Navy 33rd 34th 34th
NA Fairmont School 22nd 11th 9th

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