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CSSHL Showcases: November 24-27, 2022

This upcoming weekend’s U18 Prep showcase in Victoria, BC and U15 Prep showcase in Penticton, BC will be the second fully ranked showcases for these divisions this season.

As such, the rankings for the weekend will be based on the previous showcase results:

U18 Prep:

1st BC/ID and PrairieBWC AcademyEdge School
2nd BC/ID and PrairieShawnigan Lake SchoolNorthern Alberta Xtreme
3rd BC/ID and PrairieRHA KelownaSouth Alberta Hockey Academy
4th BC/ID and PrairieSt. George’s SchoolRHA Winnipeg
5th BC/ID and PrairieDelta Hockey AcademyPrairie Hockey Academy
6th BC/ID and PrairiePacific Coast Hockey AcademyInternational Hockey Academy
7th BC/ID and PrairieYale Hockey AcademyOHA Edmonton
8th BC/ID and PrairieOkanagan  Hockey AcademyWenatchee Wild
9th BC/ID and PrairieCoeur d’Alene Hockey AcademyNotre Dame
10th BC/ID and PrairieNorth Shore WarriorsPilot Mound Hockey Academy

U15 Prep

1st BC/ID and PrairieRHA KelownaNorthern Alberta Xtreme
2nd BC/ID and PrairieYale Hockey AcademyEdge School
3rd BC/ID and PrairieBWC AcademyRHA Winnipeg
4th BC/ID and PrairieOkanagan Hockey AcademyOHA Edmonton
5th BC/ID and PrairieDelta Hockey Academy GreenNotre Dame
6th BC/ID and PrairiePacific Coast Hockey AcademyPilot Mound Hockey Academy
7th BC/ID and PrairieSt. George’s SchoolPrairie Hockey Academy
8th BC/ID and PrairieShawnigan Lake School
9th BC/ID and PrairieNorth Shore
10th BC/ID and PrairieDelta Hockey Academy Black

All 17 U15 Prep and 19 U18 Prep teams will be in attendance at each showcase. The Wenatchee Wild will make a guest appearance at the U18 Prep showcase, bringing the division to an even number of 20 teams. 24 games will be played in the U15 Prep division, while the U18 Prep division will see 30 games take place.

Each division is broken down into brackets with teams ranked 1-3/1-4 in the top bracket, 4-6/5-7 the middle, and 7-10/8-10 in the bottom bracket. At the conclusion of the showcase, teams will be moved up or down a bracket for the next full showcase, depending on their results from this upcoming weekend.

The Eastern Divisions will also gather in Rigaud, QC for a showcase hosted by Bourget College.