CSSHL Program Profile: St. George’s School

“Building fine young men. One boy at a time.”

Located in Vancouver, B.C., St. George’s School entered the Canadian Sport School Hockey League in 2017 and currently offers four teams.

2020-21 Teams:
U18 Prep
U17 Prep
U15 Prep


School: St. George’s School

What are some of the things your program does to provide educational support?

“Our first source of academic support for our students is our teachers. Our student-teacher ratio is low, providing students with high quality instruction and engagement.  Students are also supported by an advisor, who follows them throughout their time at St George’s, and a Head of Grade, who together coordinate social-emotional programming and support.  We also have a robust Student Learning Success department to meet the needs of students with varied learning abilities, a peer tutoring program, and an afterschool program called 5th Block where students can be referred for extra help and assignment completion support.”

Educational support is available;

  • every student is in and Advisor Group, grade-specific, lead by a Faculty or Staff member, which meets weekly
  • support is available in our 5th Block Program – runs Monday-Thursday in the 3:30 – 5:00 block, with peer mentors, Faculty & Staff providing one-to-one support
  • every student has a Personal Counselor – an option if they are seeking assistance with academics
  • Peer Mentoring is available to all students with Grade 11 & 12 Boys offering support across a wide variety of subjects
  • for certain students dedicated support is available via their Individual Educational Plan and the full-time staff that provide support to those boys – this information is outlined here.

How are grades monitored and how often?

“We follow the BC Ministry of Education guidelines by providing at least five communications with students and parents per year. We have two parent-teacher conference sessions, three formal written reports (Winter, Spring, Summer) and one or two interim progress reports (Fall and Spring as needed).”

How are courses and the graduation path for student athletes chosen?

“St. George’s exceeds provincial graduation requirements. All students must take at least three other academic Grade 12 courses in addition to English 12. All students are required to write a Ministry of Education English 12 Provincial.”

Do you have an academic probation policy?

“We have a comprehensive set of academic policies designed to set clear expectations, model our core values, and establish holistic support for students as needed.”


Do you offer a billeting program or a dormitory for non-local student athletes?

“Harker Hall, our shared home, hosts students from Grades 8–12.  In the junior grades (8 and 9), students are in three or four-student rooms together on the first floor. With a maximum of 30 students, this structure allows for a higher degree of attention and supervision as students transition into residential life.

“At the senior grades, students live in two-man rooms, with up to 48 students living together on a floor.  In grades 10 and 11, each two-man room shares a washroom with another room.  At the grade 12 level, most rooms have their own private washroom facilities.”

What kind of life skills do the student athletes learn by living in the dorms?

“The residential life program at St. George’s School has five categories of objectives upon which our programming is based: academic success and support, interpersonal/intrapersonal development, practical life skills, personal health and wellness, and cultural and social awareness. Combined with our Fundamental Beliefs, these five categories support each of the four pillars of the school’s strategic plan and guide the development of our Residential Life Curriculum.”

To learn more about our boarding program, click here.


How are injuries and sick student athletes monitored?

“All the student athletes in the Saints Hockey Program are monitored by the Medical Staff who are designated Emergency Medical Responders.  They are present at all the practices, games, home and away as well as tournaments.  If an injury or illness has arisen, the information is gathered and centralized for the necessary parties to access and review before the student-athlete is seen.  Parents or guardians of those hockey players will be notified as soon as possible at the time of injury or illness.   They are then referred to our in-house Registered Nurse, Sports Physiotherapist or Massage Therapy Services.  All of these services can be accessed by the student athletes via e-mail where they’re able to book an appointment or speak to them directly at school.  When the student is receiving care from any of our in house services, communication is established between the health care practitioner delivering the care, Registered Nurse, Head of the Hockey Program, Head Coach, Head of Athletics as well as parents / guardians to ensure proper care and recovery timelines.  Once the student-athlete has returned to practice or return to play, they are monitored by the attending EMR and will give updated reports on their condition to the necessary parties after each practice or game.”


What does the daily schedule look like for a St. George’s School student athlete?

“Students are in the classroom from 8:30am to 3:05pm. Each team practices on average four times per week, either prior to school or after school. One skills session and three team practices per week, along with an average of two strength and conditioning sessions per week.”

How many games can your teams expect to play?

“Our teams play around 50 games, which includes the CSSHL regular season and championships, as well as exhibition games and tournaments.”


Who are some of the key staff at St. George’s School?

Chris Blackman, Head of Athletics
Todd Harkins, Head of Hockey/Head Coach, U15 Prep
Tyler Kuntz, Head Coach, U18 Prep
Josh Bonar, Head Coach, U17 Prep
Mitch Fyffe, Head Coach, U15


What is included in the price to attend St. George’s School?

For a breakdown of our tuition, you can click here. Our hockey fees include professional coaches, trainers and skills coaches. Professional strength and conditioning coach for hockey-specific off-ice training. A Development Team that is dedicated to maximizing overall student athlete development and experience. A world-class dressing room, fitness centre, and home arena at Doug Mitchell Sports Centre at UBC. Select, high-profile invitational tournaments for each team, CSSHL League Games, and CSSHL Championship Playoffs. Travel by coach bus in BC and major airline travel outside of BC. Hotel accommodations for each team and select nutritional meals provided on all road trips. Professional hockey apparel that includes a tracksuit, polo shirt, dry strip, jacket, travel bag, and backpack. Team uniforms including jersey, socks, pant shell covers, helmet (cage), gloves, and an equipment bag.”


What is the best way to contact St. George’s School?

Website: stgeorges.bc.ca
Email: tharkins@stgeorges.bc.ca