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BWC Academy’s Tritt takes action against cancer

After learning that one in three people are diagnosed with cancer in their lives, Charlie Tritt of the BWC Academy decided to take action.

The BWC Academy Bantam Prep team made a donation box that was brought to their October games. The student athletes on the team also made donations.

“Just wearing pink tape or pink laces isn’t really enough,” says Tritt, 14, who organized the same initiative last year. “Giving money and actually helping feels good.”

Having done it before, Tritt knew how to organize it better and it resulted in them earning $500 they donated online to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“I think it went great. We also got some donations from people that came to our (home) game,” he added.

Tritt is like many Canadians who have lost loved ones to cancer – for him it was two grandparents. The young goalie stressed it’s important to do anything you can to help find a cure. During the campaign, he thought about his grandparents and said his parents were proud of what he did. He learned that it’s important to give back and is something people can continue to do.

“It’s a good feeling because you don’t feel helpless,” says Tritt. “You feel like you can actually make a difference. Make an impact.”

Tritt’s coach Leland Mack thought it was great what he initiated.

“I think every year in today’s world, there is always wear this colour for this thing. I think just wearing a colour doesn’t really do much for anybody,” says Mack. “I was glad that Charlie focused more on the donations rather than just wearing pink.”

While Tritt doesn’t have any future fundraisers planned, Mack says as Christmas gets closer, he may have his team do something to support a local foodbank. Mack’s father chairs a foodbank in the Kootenays, so he has seen what that world is like.

“It’s another big important area of life,” he says, adding there are learning lessons outside of hockey.