2024 Tyson Giuriato Scholarship Winners Announced

In honour of Tyson Giuriato’s memory, his family is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Tyson Giuriato Hockey Camp Scholarship: Ryker Dunkley, Drew Meashaw, Londyn Sheehan, Oliver Taylor, Carson Watrich, and Lily Wright,

Tyson joined the CSSHL in 2013 and served as the Director of Media and Communications until he sadly passed away in August 2020. To honour Tyson’s passion for and contributions to the game of hockey, his family and the CSSHL community came together to offer families the ability to have their child (aged 7-14) attend a summer hockey camp of their choice. The Tyson Giuriato Hockey Camp Scholarship makes this possible by paying for one hockey camp registration for the successful applicants.

A 10-year-old from Victoria, BC, Ryker is a dedicated rep goalie with the U11 Juan de Fuca Grizzlies. He goes to games or watches on TV whenever he can. He collects cards and any memorabilia, constantly checks on stats, and can’t seem to get enough hockey in his life.

Aside from hockey his other interests are mostly sports-related such as baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field and football, but he also enjoys cooking. Ryker umpires in his community little league and will be taking a referee course. His favourite grade 5 subjects this year were social studies and science.

This summer Ryker will use his scholarship to attend ‘The Goalie Group.’ It is a well-known goalie development group and they have a camp coming to Victoria.

“This summer, it is a big dream of mine to attend a really great hockey camp but I really wished to try one that is specifically geared to goalie training before starting the U13 season so I start it off prepared and confident,” said Ryker Dunkley. “Thanks so much to Tyson Giuriato’s hockey camp scholarship, I feel so lucky to say that I get to do this goalie camp this summer in August! I think Tyson is an inspiration for us all, and his legacy gives a chance for kids in Canada to improve and develop in their game and be better hockey players for years to come. Thank you again!”

Drew, now 12, started playing hockey when he was three years old. He would love to one day play in the NHL but is currently working towards playing for his U13 zone team, and eventually for Okanagan Hockey Academy (OHA). Away from the rink Drew plays basketball, golf, cross-country and mountain biking.

Drew is looking to attend the ‘Whistler Super Camp,’ having being inspired by social media sensation Pavel Barber and his skill set.

“I am very happy & proud to receive this scholarship. It is an exciting opportunity that I otherwise may not have been able to experience. Thank you to the Giuriato Family for providing opportunities like this for youths in hockey,” said Drew Meashaw.

At seven years old Londyn Sheehan played her first year of U9 hockey this season. The Beaumont, AB product won three Heart-and-Hustle Awards and a Focus Award with her team this season. At her elementary school she received the ‘Eagle Award’ (Enthusiastic, Attitude, Good Hearted, Loyal, Earnest) for her class.

Outside of playing hockey, Londyn enjoys swimming, art, music, playing outside and camping with her family.

Londyn will attend the ‘High Tempo U9 Girls Hockey Camp’ in Edmonton, AB to improve her skating and overall abilities.

“I am so happy and thankful to win this scholarship! I am excited to get on the ice this summer and get better at hockey because I love playing,” said Londyn Sheehan.

“On behalf of the Sheehan family, we would like to extend our extreme gratitude to Tyson Giuriato’s family and the CSSHL community for providing Londyn with the opportunity to attend a summer camp and continue to grow her love and passion for the game,” added Krista Sheehan, Londyn’s mother.

Oliver Taylor is a 11-year-old from Comox Valley, BC. Oliver currently plays on the Comox Valley Rep (U11 Strathcona Bears) team but hopes to one day be in the NHL. When he is older, he plans for his friends and him to have an awesome gaming company that they will create and run together.

Oliver is registered for the five days ‘Shawnigan Lake Hockey Camp in August. He loves to grow his skills and my knowledge for the game because it helps him to become a better hockey player. It also means he gets to be out on the ice more doing what he loves.

Away from the rink Oliver played baseball the last 2 years and loved it but gave it up this past spring, allowing him to play even more hockey. One of his passions is to be a good drawer. He also loves building things with Lego or things He is learning to play the piano because he loves music and his favourite song to play right now is ‘Seven Nation Army’ by ‘The White Stripes’ because it is also one of his hockey pump up songs.

“I am very grateful to have been chosen to receive the scholarship in Tysons Memory”, said Oliver Taylor. “Without this I wouldn’t be able to attend this hockey camp and I am so so so excited that I now will be able to go to it because of the kindness of the people who picked me. Thank you very much.”

Carson Watrich lives in Smithers, BC. He is 12 years old and has been playing hockey since he was 6 with the Smithers Minor Hockey Association.

Since he was 11-month-old Carson has faced significant obstacles that held him back physically and required dedication, time and medical treatment. But he has been working hard year-round to improve his leg strength so he can be successful. For the 2023-2024 season, he made the SMHA’s U13 Rep team and was switched from defence to forward because of how fast his skating is now. He continues to work hard on and off the ice to get stronger and develop his skills.

His favourite subjects are math and science and he received Top French Student in his class the last three years and got first place in the Geo Challenge in Grade 7 this year. He aspires to be a Geologist after high school. He play’s flag football in the spring and golf as long as there is no snow on the ground. He rides his bike the 7km to town and back to do these things to keep his legs strong. He does track and field in school and competes in high jump, ball throw and the 100m and 200m dash. His other interests include reading, puzzles, trivia, and going fishing with his friends.

This summer Carson plans to attend the Okanagan Hockey School’s U15 Contact Camp in Edmonton, Alberta from July 29 – August 2nd.

“Receiving this scholarship means that I can go to this hockey camp to learn more and improve as a player. It feels good knowing that the cost is covered for my parents since they pay for so much for my sisters and I. I am motivated to work hard and do a good job to prove that I am deserving of being awarded this scholarship. Thank you very much,” said Carson.

Lily Wright has loved playing hockey since she was five years old. Before that her passion for skating started at 3 years old when she wanted to spend every evening after daycare at the outdoor rink in Alberta.

She loves watching the Calgary Flames with her dad and the Vancouver Canucks with her papa. She was very excited to hear the development of the PWHL and hopes it moves out west so she can watch some live games. Outside of hockey Lily enjoys other sports, playing with her friends and pets. She has recently developed a love for reading.

Lily will attend the ‘Heath Dennison Skills and Drills’ camp in Parksville, BC August 12-16, 2024.

“Lily is so excited to receive the Tyson Giuriato Scholarship. Since I told her the good news, she has taken her hockey stick to school every day to play with the older kids. This is something she has been scared to do for the last two years but her excitement overcame her fear” said Kim Wright, Lily’s mother.  “We both thank you for this opportunity to enjoy a hockey camp this summer. Since Lily started playing at five years old, she has loved it. I have never had to drag her out of bed at 5am. She has always been excited and ready to play!”